CHAPTER 1: Do you know your value?

CHAPTER 1: Do you know your value?

“Too many people are unfocused when it comes to press and coverage, trying to be “everything to everyone.” Decide what your key message and values are and stick to it,” says Cooper Harris, founder, and CEO of Klickly.

Do you know why many content creators fail? Because they failed to define their value which directly means they fail to shape their growth. 

Before you start asking what your audience want and feel about your content, you need to define what direction you want to take, what you want to pour into people and how you want to leave them feeling. 
You are scared of putting yourself out there because you are not sure of what value you are bringing to people.

Your personal brand does not need a scientific solution to trace and gather information about what your audience needs; you need defining values that showcase how deeply you are invested and committed to a particular idea, niche, or industry.

Now, you ask: How do I define my value? – Just before I go-ahead to the little exercise that helps you define your value, I want to remind you: Your values do not have to be perfect [Repeat that twice]. An example of this is a fitness enthusiast on a weightloss journey. The aim for her is to share her journey and encourage everyone on this journey or looking to embark on this journey. Although, she hasn’t achieved her goal yet but she is still bringing value as she shares her story/journey.

Your value should be a combination of what you know about, interested in growing, and passionate about. This should reply to the questions: What am I good at now and passionate about? Am I looking to improve on this? How do I want to share this? and finally, what is the end goal for me?. While you are at it, keep in mind that there will be obstacles and threats along the way. So, prepare to jumps some hurdles.

So, now back to the question: How do I define my value and most especially know what valuable content to share with your audience? – We will be using a CREATIVE SWOT analysis template. I want you to share your completed template with me on your Instagram story and of course, don’t forget to tag me @itsmaryamsalam so that I can review and share.

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