CHAPTER 2: Now, it’s time to Strategize before Creating!

“Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It’s a game of relevance. You need to create ridiculously good content – content that isusefulenjoyable, and inspired.”  ~ Ann Handley

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Regardless of how much inspiration you’ve been able to gather if you don’t strategize and plan effectively, you plan to fail.

Before you start creating, you need to strategize by setting your content goals: what do you want to achieve with the content? What do you want people to do with the content? Here are 6 practical and easy content goals you can use, research on, and practice.


 Grow awareness: Use call to action [Have you noticed a tag on my infographics telling people exactly what to do? – SHARE ON YOUR STORY]. This was shared by a lot of people which boosted my personal brand awareness. Click here to see!
– Drive traffic to your other platforms: Share a tool you talked about in your caption on your website for example.
– Generate sales leads or increase subscriptions: Share a discount code or freebie with a bold and catchy font. Click here to see!
– Increase engagement: Share relatable content that shows the human similarities between you and your audience or share your personal opinion about a popular topic [I recently posted content about #BananaBread on my page – With no paid publicity, Banana bread has become a popular topic this season literally everyone can relate to it]. Click here to see!
– Improve retention rate: Share content that will make people stay longer on your post before moving to the next post [I share slides post which retains people on that particular post before moving on]. Click here to see!
– Audience trust/loyalty: Sharing tips and how-to content that will help create trust between you and your audience especially if they have been following you for a while and know that your contents are always real, well researched, and practical. Click here to see!

So, before clicking publish on your next post, ask yourself: What is the goal of this post?  – Oops, I added a FREEBIE: 7 Days Content planner [below].

Next week, we will be looking at how to plan your content and generate ideas in 4 steps.

Remember to: LEARN, APPLY, REPEAT!

See you next week,
BYPB family.

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