Personal Branding: How To Niche Down All Your Ideas…

Another Friday is here and I am back to reply to one of the questions thrown at me during the review session.

Creative Builder: Hey Maryam. I have many things I am interested in. How do I niche down my ideas so that I don’t confuse my audience? I don’t know what to post.

Me: I like this question because I can totally understand you. I am also multi-talented and at the beginning, I was confused too. So, trust me when I say I’ve been in your shoes.

My biggest advice and most practical tips for any multi-talented out there to niche down would be: 

1) Write down everything you are interested in and topics you would love to talk about with your audience.

2) Experiment: This is my biggest tip when it comes to filtering down ideas. Try out everything at the beginning, then analyze the performance. Look in detail which topic people are engaging more with which can be your primary niche/category.

3) Classify them by strengths: Starting from your strongest topic to the least based on the knowledge and passion you have for it.

4) See how you can merge some of the topics together to classify under one big niche. E.g: Hair, Skincare, Feminine care can all go under beauty.

5) Don’t throw your least favorite topics away. Keep them for your spontaneous posting day. For example, I am not a big relationship content creator but every now and then, I love to share some discussion on it based on my personal experience. Guess what? This post always does wonderfully well on my page.

I hope you find this post helpful and I will see you in my next post.

Maryam Salam | @itsmaryamsalam

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