Blogging in 2021: New Website – Starting all over, Again!

Blogging in 2021

Starting a blog in 2021

This is how I am smiling back into blogging in 2021. 

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and tough moment for me, trying to convince myself about blogging. I really believed blogging was dead and maybe it was time to call it quit since everyone is now glued to their social media platforms.

I tried to keep up with the continuous trends, apps and features but it became too much for me. Everything is beginning to become a fast rat race” which I definitely don’t enjoy. It’s moving too fast and it requires swift action that pushed me to a tough ground with my creativity. My creative juice was drying up even before I get enough time to re-fill.

I had to go back to the drawing board, reconnect with my purpose and remind myself to progress at my own pace. I know that sounds easy but after sharing my feelings on Instagram. I know many creatives are going through the same struggle, and if you were doubting yourself, NOOOOO…  it isn’t too late to go back to your purpose, find your peace and happiness. Blogging made me happy, gave me peace and gradually became a safe space for me to bloom. Why I pushed it aside for so long, I can’t really explain but I am glad to take the last few months of 2020 to make things right, again.

What to expect + Blogging in 2021:

I really want to enjoy this journey with you guys, again. If you haven’t signed up to my Exclusive newsletter yet, that’s alright (not really alright though, LOL), I’ll let you know what I have for you guys. Here’s the sauce: I will be sharing fashion/beauty/lifestyle: home etc. content, Life-in-Canada, and of course, the most exciting part I am looking forward to next year is my bride-to-be series where I will –finally– be sharing our wedding planning (By the grace of God) journey with you all.

This can count as our official weekly reunion. Looking forward to see you guys soon. I promise at least, 2 blogposts per week. (Can I hear an Amen somebody)

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6 thoughts on “Blogging in 2021: New Website – Starting all over, Again!

  1. This is so apt. Social media has truly become a rat race… survival of the fittest I’ll say. I almost quit too, but somehow, I found a way to rebrand and that really reignited my passion. I can totally relate to your post. Welcome back!


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