Air Fryer: 5 Kitchen Appliances I am loving From Walmart

“Once you get an air fryer, you will never stop talking about it”

Cooking shouldn’t be stressful but enjoyable. This is why I’ve always been a big fan of kitchen appliances that will make cooking easy and smooth. As you all know, we’ve been shopping lately for the house and I personally have been loving my little kitchen appliances making my life easy. First on the list is my favorite Tfal air fryer.

T-FAL Easy Fry Compact Duo Precision Fryer, Black

This particular one is from T-fal and I love how ‘wash-friendly’ this is. Also, I will strongly recommend one for the health benefit (zero oil needed). Another thing I love about this air-fryer is the digital interface and 6 preset modes for your chicken, fish, shrimps, etc. Next is the Starfrit Personal blender, Oster blender, ToastMaster toast machine, and Salton water kettle

All these appliances are from Walmart. They are definitely worth buying and they come at affordable prices. Apart from the fact that they save you so much time in the kitchen. They help you stay healthy and keep on top of your health goal for the upcoming year.

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