Holiday Gift Guide 20120/2021 – 5 Gift Ideas For Couples This Season

Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday period is definitely the busiest for everyone, especially in 2020 with Covid-19, it can be more difficult to find the perfect gift while you try to decide if visiting the store is better or wait for the long shipping time. 

Just before jumping into the post, It is important I mentioned this post was inspired by our Christmas/Holiday gift for our close friends (Couples), here in Canada. We weren’t sure of the exact gifts for our friends even after doing so much research online. Hampers seem ideal but we didn’t really like the goodies in most of the hampers we saw online and the prices were on the expensive side. So, we decided to make our own hamper instead. What do we have in the hamper?

  • Bottle of wine
  • Fererro Rocher Chocolate
  • Wine Opener
  • Tin box of biscuits
  • A mug

I will be posting a DIY video on my YouTube channel on how to make your own Holiday Gift Hamper – Click here to subscribe and watch the video when it goes live.

Holiday Gift Guide – 5 Gift Ideas For Couples:

1. Personalized Hamper: Feel free to add everything you think they will like and enjoy – Get creative

Hamper gift basket, Holiday gift guide
– Including some aff links

holiday gift guide

Gift ideas for couple, Holiday gift guide


2. Smoothie Blender (With 2 Cups): It’s a new year ahead. This might encourage them to stay fit and add smoothie to their healthy meal plan [This one if from Amazon – Click here to buy]


3. Games: Everyone loves to play games especially one you can play with your partner such as Jenga [This one is from Amazon – Click here to buy]


4. Matching mugs: Everyone appreciates a cheeky couple gift especially a very practical one [This one is from Amazon – Click here to buy]


5. Massage Belt: It has been a long year for everyone especially as we all work from home. A massage belt will be the best holiday gift ever [This one if from Amazon – Click here to buy]



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