2020 review
Review: 2020 was an interesting year for all of us. So, If you are reading this blog post, I want to say a big congratulations to you for making it to 2021. I am thankful for your life, health, and opportunity to see another new year.

This post was inspired by Grace [My blogger friend]. So, I am hoping to make this a yearly tradition on the blog. I will be splitting my 2020 into 4 different categories: Relationship, Career, Creative Journey, and Personal.

My 2020 Review:


Finally seeing my fiancé after 8months was the highlight of my 2020. Although before that, it was a lot of tears, depression, frustration, and anger. The past 2 months have been the happiest of my 2020. I experienced so much peace, happiness, and joy.


Well, my job became very toxic and frustrating. I was ready to even resign before getting the travel authorization we applied for. I’ve been in the role for almost 2 years, I applied for a higher role which didn’t get through. There was another opportunity which I don’t believe I would get if I applied [I had my reasons]. So, I was ready to move into a career that will give me opportunities to progress. Luckily enough, after handing in my notice on a Friday, the opportunity to apply for an exemption letter was announced. I am thankful that I put my trust in God and made up my mind to quit because, after that decision, things start working out.

Creative Journey:

Although, I might have come across as consistent 2020 was a rollercoaster. It was a year of structure and prioritizing. I needed to ask myself some honest questions, especially regarding the results I am getting from all my effort. Finally, in 2020, I relaunched my blog which I shouldn’t have closed in the first place. This year, I am planning to stay consistent [So help me God].

Personal Life Review:

2020 was such an emotional year for everyone, including myself. I experienced a series of emotions such as uncertainty, loneliness, fear, etc but I am thankful for a year that made us all appreciate our families and friends more than ever.

I struggled with my ‘modesty-journey’ [ Social Media wasn’t helping matters either]. Although, this isn’t a topic I talk about a lot because I am just tired of talking about it, especially because of the hypocrisy of some Muslims online. They are so judgemental, biased, and unfair. Sometimes, I get hate comments for literally showing my ankle, like WTH? I talked more about it in my post here: Lifestyle: My Modesty Journey, Expectations, and Boundaries… if you are interested in hearing more.

But, in summary, this year, I have decided to be my true self, regardless. I have decided to take off the “Hijab/scarf/turban” (I am sure the ‘Social Media Police’ will be celebrating). The criticism can get a bit too much and there is only little some of us can take. I know I am not wearing it for anyone but it started affecting my mental health especially because it isn’t something I enjoy ranting about. My faith isn’t just about covering my hair. Although, I understand the importance. I will continue trying my best to be a better human in life and asking for God’s guidance.

If you’ve been around before I started covering my hair, you will know that my style has always been “modest-style” (Modest, in its general term, not religious). So, that will still stay and I hope I can continue inspiring both non-hijabis and hijabis with my style.



(Expect new blog post every Sunday)



4 thoughts on “MY 2020 IN REVIEW

  1. The criticism part about religion is so tiring and am so happy you are true to yourself in the end and it takes a whole of courage to say this out. So proud of you Maryam, a queen have always stan 🙌🏾🙌🏾


  2. Thank you for sharing your story, comfort is the major thing when it comes to style, so if you’re not comfortable then you shouldn’t wear else you may even end sinning by complaining and grumbling.


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