LUVME HAIR: Everything you need to know!


Do you like to change your hairstyle without wasting so much time? Are you struggling with laying edges (just like me) and you would rather prefer to skip that stage? Are you looking for an everyday wig you can style and be ready to head out in less than 15 seconds? – Then, keep watching.

If there is one thing I’ve been enjoying lately is trying out new hairstyles, especially wigs. This headband wig was sent to me by LUVME HAIR to try out. No, I’ve never tried a headband wig before. So, I didn’t know what to expect. But, after trying it out for one week, trust me when I say everyone needs a headband wig and I will tell you why.

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What is a headband wig?

A headband wig can also be called a half-wig. It’s a combination of hair and fabric material similar to a headband. I’ve rocked this hair for over a week and I can attest that it is 100% comfortable and breathable especially during this hot weather.

Currently, this wig comes with 5 different trendy headbands to spice up the style of this wig for daily use.

Why choose a headband wig from LUVME HAIR?

  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for wig beginners
  • Easy to wear, remove and wash
  • Styling: Various ways to style
  • No glue headband wig will protect your hairline
  • Quality: 100% Virgin human hair
  • Texture: Very soft
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Quick shipping: They ship within 24 hours after payment
  • Extra: Free wig cap, other styling pieces

toronto wig, canada wig, cheap wig, headband wig

Another thing I love about LUVME HAIR is the packaging. The hair comes in the most gorgeous purple box, well packed and protected. In this picture, I am rocking the Wet and Wavy Affordable Headband Wig. It is 24 inches, 100% virgin human hair in natural black color which means it can easily blend with my hair.

I also like that the wig is designed with 4 combs and adjustable straps to ensure total comfort and style according to head sizes. Of course, if you are interested in checking LUVME HAIR, just click here or visit

You can straighten the hair!
When you add water, the straighten hair will become curly wig!


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