FULL TIME CONTENT CREATOR: my weekly routine!


I’ve always wanted to share what my week looks like in detail as a full-time content creator. Even though it took me a while to finalize a weekly routine after moving to Canada. Finally, I think I have a routine that works for me [On a good week].

One thing I put into consideration is to consider other personal engagements and commitments as I plan my calendar every Sunday [E.g: Family grocery shopping, Event to attend or friends visit, etc.]

Another reason I am writing this post is for accountability. 

*I try to keep Saturday’s free / I post on Instagram daily

  • Sunday: Plan Instagram content using Planoly and plan my weekly calendar
  • Monday: Write and publish blog post + Admin [Pitching, reply collaborations, etc.]
  • Tuesday: Film YouTube video and Reels + TikTok
  • Wednesday: Edit YouTube video and Publish video [New video on YouTube every Wednesday]
  • Thursday: Send out Newsletter 
  • Friday: Edit Pictures/TikToks etc
  • Saturday: FREE DAY

In between everything, I would usually insert my one-on-one coaching clients and consultations. Obviously, this is just a summary of my week as sometimes I might need to adjust based on unexpected events. Another thing I started doing is having a monthly goal which is great to keep track of your monthly productivity and self-achievement.

You can either set a monthly or weekly goal. This has really contributed to the improvement of my mental health because as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and procrastinate. So, you need to ensure you create a routine that helps you stay productive.

Weekly and monthly routine is different for everyone especially if you have a team or assistant that supports you. Also, I will suggest creating a routine even if you are a part-time job. It will help you stay on top of everything and consistent on your platforms: Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

My top secret to staying consistent is building a structure which means planning ahead and having an effective and efficient routine.

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