Letter To My Future Child – Dear Future Child…

Ever since we started planning of when you will be conceived, fear-filled me up.

I have so many questions on my mind: would I be a caring mum, would I be a good mom, would I pay attention to everything, would I be supportive enough, or would I be a great example to you? Right now, the answer is no.

I am not ready because I am not prepared for you. For so long, I lived in this fear and even portray it on everyone that brings up the topic or discussion.

Not anymore, for you, I am ready to turn this fear into my motivation. Instead of thinking, I am not ready…why not start preparing for you?

If I want to be the best mom I can be because I know I am not perfect, I will start learning everything I can to be that great example I want for you. I will start making conscious efforts to be a better person for you. To be more caring, intentional, tolerating, and kind.

I refuse to continue living in fear and simply start preparing for you because I know you will be a blessed child, not only to yourself but to me and us all.

You will bring me so much joy that I need to start preparing for the right and loving environment for the joy to blossom.

My child, you are great, intelligent, loved, caring and kind. Everyone and everything around you will favor you and help you become a better version of yourself through your journey in life.

The grace of God will always guide you through life and you shall be guided by the almighty in every path of life.

I will go to any length to ensure I become a better version of myself for you, be loving, caring and be the most supportive mom for you.

In your corner, I will ALWAYS be there to celebrate you, hold your hands when you are scared, unsure, or in uncomfortable situations. I will always be here to reassure you when in doubt.

After God, you shall always count on me.



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