Embracing The Newer Version Of You!

The past 12 months has been such an experience for me. It is crazy I am just realizing that now ( a few weeks till the end of the year). This has shown me one thing, one of the reasons I struggled a lot with everything was because I was holding on to the old me with all my strength.

Looking back now, I was very unrealistic. Why did I say that?

Why would I expect the same lifestyle from the unmarried Maryam living alone in the U.K., after a master’s degree with a fairly paying job, not far away from family and balancing her 20% social life with a long-distance relationship? My priorities then were quite self-centered (This isn’t a bad thing at that stage of my life): content creation, my business, and paying my bills.

Now, compare that with the married Maryam, living with my husband, building a family, moved her life from a whole continent to another, another professional certification stronger, going strong on growing my businesses in a whole new country, working with brands that ONLY align with my current lifestyle (Got my biggest paying collaboration ever here), making new friends and prioritizing old friends that really matter to me.

My priorities are different now. My husband, family, close friends & businesses are at the top of my list (Yes, in that exact order). Every other thing is secondary. These are completely two different stages of my life. So, definitely, a new version of myself is required and I should be okay with that.

Look inwards and embrace the newer version of yourself as you move on in life!

Stay intentional!


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