Wedding Diary #2: Picking our wedding date!

Picking the date for us was pretty easy. We know we want a Summer wedding because we are hoping to do an outdoor wedding. So, it was important to pick a date during the summer. However, with wedding dates, most times the venue really determines the date. 

My advice to you [As a bride-to-be] is to firstly find out available dates for the venue you wish to use then pick your date based on the dates the venue is available. Also, because our families are based in different countries, we needed to ensure the date is convenient for them as they will be traveling. Most especially for families with kids. It was important for us that the kids are on school break that weekend.

So, I will say work with your venue date availabilities and try to put into consideration your families mostly. I mean, It might not be convenient for all but let it be convenient for the most important people; In our case, it was the mum’s/kids.

Once your venue date is secured, then you can fully start planning everything around your date. This is probably the best time to start contacting other vendors [If you are planning yourself or your event planner can do this].

Oh, In our case, we found the venue we wanted to use before even planning the wedding. So, we secured the wedding venue by paying the deposit then handed it over to the planner when we got one. In some cases, the planner will suggest the venue [Based on your contract].

Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post.

See you soon.

Maryam xoxo

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