Wedding Diary #3: Finding The Dress!

It’s officially a few months to the wedding and guess who does not have a wedding dress yet? Well, no one told me it takes at least 6-8 months to order a wedding dress from most weddings shops. Again, the chill Maryam is just chilling, and hoping I will sort this out by next month.

If there is one thing I am very thankful for this season is how “chilled” I’ve been throughout this planning period. The usually me will be panicking. Although I am chilled, I am trying my best to sort things out.

A few days ago, I went for my first official wedding dress try on with a very good friend of mine [So, thankful to have her around]. Although only two of us went in I was able to connect with my other close friends and sisters virtually to experience this moment with them.

It was such an exciting experience and day for us all. In total, I think I tried out 6 dresses. Different style, length, and feel. Two made the cut for the day which could be bought instantly. However, the one I really like will sadly take at least 6-8 months to arrive after placing the order.

I know it might be easy just sewing a dress but sincerely, I am not a big fan of dealing with tailors/designers. The least service vendors I can deal with during this wedding planning, the better for my mental health. I knew even before getting engaged that sewing a wedding dress wasn’t an option for me. Apart from the financial cost, I was ready to opt for something more sustainable – meaning either to hire or buy straight from the rack and deconstruct into a dinner dress after the wedding.

A custom-made will come with a higher price tag. Personally, I wasn’t looking to spend much on a dress I am only wearing for a few minutes. 

After the try-on, I got home and thought about it then concluded I will not be moving ahead with any of the dresses I tried on. They were really lovely and within my budget but I don’t think it is “my style”. One thing I am really looking for in a wedding dress is for it to be simple, classy, and timeless.

So, the hunt for a dress continues.

Pray for me!

Maryam xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Diary #3: Finding The Dress!

  1. Bless you. I hope you’re able to find something soon.
    I’ll say have fun with it and also be open minded about trying different styles. If you’re like me then trying too many dresses will stress you out as you’ll find it difficult to make a decision after. I hope these tips are as useful to you as they were to me x
    All the best as you continue your search x


    1. These are really helpful tips. Thank you.
      Yes, trying too many is very stressful for me which is why I don’t think I am doing any in-store try-on anymore. I will have to decide online/virtually.


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