I worked at Connectbase as the primary in-house UX Designer along side the agency designers in collaboration with stakeholders such as engineers, data analysts and project managers…


Overview: WedList is a wedding checklist app designed to help brides-to-be stay organized, save time with planning and allow easy collaboration with their vendors. Design Process The Process: In order to have the best approach to the redesign we used the ‘Double Diamond’ UCD process which is split into four parts: Discovery – Focus on understandingContinue reading “Wed-List”


Overview: A group re-design challenge of the Koho online banking website dashboard and improve customers’ support system that allows customers to easily access support, get feedback and stop unauthorised transactions on their account. Problem Statement: Customers have found it increasingly frustrating to complete everyday banking tasks on the online dashboard on Koho due to limitedContinue reading “KOHO Bank”