Guest Post: Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Other Bloggers & How to Get Started

reasons-why-you-should-collaborate-with-other-bloggers-how-to-get-started Thanks to The blogger point NG, I had my first ever blogger collaboration which has been truly amazing. It’s just a wonderful place to discover and connect with so many bloggers you never even knew existed and a collaboration can benefit you in so many ways

  1. Collaborations give your blog more exposure – By collaborating with another blogger, you reach both your own audience and that of the blogger you’re collaborating with which means a wider and sometimes entirely new audience. People who never knew about your blog start to visit your blog and know about you.
  2. Collaborations push and challenge you – For the fact that you are working with other bloggers, you will want your posts to be as good as they can be and it will also make you consistent especially if you are collaborating on a series or have common days to post your articles.
  3. Collaborations help build blog friendships ­– When you collaborate with a blogger over a long period or multiple times, you get to know a bit of who they are, help each other sort out blog related issues, give each other advice and become blog buddies.
  4. Collaboration brings about new ideas – When you collaborate, you meet with other bloggers to discuss and jointly develop ideas you might not have been able to come up with alone.

  So now you know why you should collaborate and you are eager to, you don’t necessarily have to wait around for someone to reach out to you, why don’t you do the reaching out with these simple steps

  1. Identify the blogger you want to collaborate with. Someone in the same niche as you could be a very successful blogger or someone in the same level as you are or nearly. I would personally go for a peer blog or one a bit above my level.
  2. Before you go to them with your amazing collaboration idea, take the time to engage with them on their blog or social media. Follow them on Instagram, twitter, like their pictures, like and retweet their tweets, leave thoughtful comments on their blogs.
  3. Pick the best way to contact them via email, face-to-face, social media, etc.
  4. Introduce yourself and your blog. If you have met them before, say where you met them (maybe from the blogger point forums or at a bloggers brunch), mention how you are a follower of their blog or YouTube Channel and point out how great a job they are doing. Any blogger would love to hear that.
  5. Pitch the idea, project or activity you have in mind to them. Make sure to highlight what they also stand to benefit from the collaboration. And stated in detail how each person will promote these posts, the timing, and all other details. Also, ask for their own input and ideas.
  6. Keep supporting and promoting what the other person does during your collaboration and even after. It will show that you’re in not just for the collaboration but because you really want to build a relationship with them and it actually doesn’t take you much to retweet their tweets, leave comments on their blog and share their posts.

So I hope these help someone to take a step and get collaborating with all the amazing bloggers on this platform. If you have done any successful collaborations in the past, please share how you made it work? And if you try any of tips, let me know how they worked out for you. Thanks for reading till the end. Happy blogging!

Guest post by: Daniella Bature


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Other Bloggers & How to Get Started

  1. this is a good tip…i’ve been thinking of collaborating but didn’t know how to approach it… thanks!


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