The Ultimate Blogger Christmas Wishlist [Gift Ideas For Your Blogger-Friend]

The Ultimate Blogger Christmas Wishlist

Do you need some gift ideas for your favourite blogger-babe or friend? We asked TBP Blogger-bosses on Instagram and these are the top items on their Christmas/December wish-list:

Laptop: Laptop is very essential in blogging. If you are will to support and contribute towards a blogger success, offering a laptop will forever be appreciated. It’s literally like give a capital to commence a business.

blogger Christmas Wishlist

Camera: DSLR cameras are very popular in the blogging industry. However, mirrorless camera such as Sony A6000 had a huge growth in 2017. It’s light-weight, small and easy to carry around.

Blog-planner: You can never go wrong by offering your blogger-friend/babe a blog-planner. It will serve all year round especially if it’s one from Cassiedaves or Heartdictions brand. He/She will love it – Click here to see blog-planners we are crushing on at the moment.

blog planner

Offer to pay for their domain name: This isn’t sure a physical item to feel or touch but any blogger looking to go professional will appreciate have their blog domain name paid for. Yes, it’s a big deal in the blogging industry.

Pay for their favourite blog theme: This can come pricey, especially for new blogger who has just started their platform. Why not surprise a blogger with a new theme sent straight to their email address? Just send a cute little message saying: “A Christmas gift is waiting for you in your inbox”

A mobile phone with great camera OR Tripod: Who doesn’t love to capture great moments? Well, never a blogger. Surprise your blogger friend/GF or BF with a nice phone with a decent camera. Now, if you want to really out-do yourself, add a camera or simply just offer either of the two.

Sponsor their website design: Paying for a web designer isn’t a small investment. So, offering this as a Christmas gift will surely place the blogger in a great mood to create magic in the new year.

blogger Wishlist

Extra: Other gift idea’s that would be perfect for bloggers are: Studio lights, Ring lights or Photography backdrops.  Don’t forget to make someone happy during this festive period especially people around you. A little contribution to creatives passions can go a long way and save them a lot.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

Post by: @itsmaryamsalam | @thebloggerpoint


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