Business Tips: How To Get A Venue Sponsorship For Your Brand/Business Event In 8 Steps

How To Get A Venue Sponsorship For Your Brand/Business Event In 8 Steps

So, this is another highly requested post in the last 2 years. TBP organises several events, mostly in collaboration with other brands which securing a venue sponsorship or rather partnership is a big part. I would be lying if I tell you it is easy to get a venue most especially when you are not based in the country but with a great sponsorship proposal and follow-up’s, you can pull through. So, how do you get a venue sponsorship in 8 steps: 

How to get a venue sponsorship

  • Brand yourself professionally: Firstly, you need to brand yourself professionally. Make sure your website or platform is running and ready. Ideally, it is great to have your business social account separate from your personal account. Include a valid email address you check regularly and try to have a nice brand image/identity such as brand logo, clear and clean images etc. Remember, when approaching a brand for sponsorship, they are aligning their brand with yours and meeting certain standard plays a major role.
  • Identify Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Points): Then, before you approach a brand for sponsorship, you need to be able to identify what you can offer the brand in return for their sponsorship or partnership. How do you do that? List:

–  Your event mission and aim

– Your audience size: Very important as sponsors are looking to leverage your audience to reach new potential customers

– What makes your event different from anyone they might have partnered with?

– How will the sponsor benefit from this partnership

  • List offers sponsors would love: Now, you need to start breaking down ways you can promote sponsors during this collaboration. You need to let them know different ways they will benefit from this partnership. Mostly, brands are looking to gain exposure. So, what are the different ways you might consider? Email marketing, Newsletter, Website marketing, Social media mention etc… If you ever attended any TBP events, remember we do lots of Social Media mention and also include all sponsors social handle list in the goody-bag.
  • List exactly what you want from your sponsor: This part is really important because your sponsor needs to have a clear understanding of what you need from them. At this point, you need to be true and transparent. If you need a venue for 50 people. Make sure you mention the number of people attending the event, what time the event will start and end, what time you will be arriving, do you need to set up, what you will be needing: chairs, table, speaker etc. Don’t assume your sponsor will think of all these for you. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!
  • Start with the personal network: Don’t be too scared to approach people you already know as they might be interested in working with you or even refer you to someone who might be interested.

how to get a venue sponsorship

  • Build your contact List and start reaching out: Now, you need to start sourcing for potential sponsors who might be interested in working with you and compiling your email list. I said email cos it is very important to avoid reaching out via social media for the first time. Be professional, send an email introducing yourself and applying all the previous points we talked about ‘Briefly‘.
  • Email [No bulk email]: Many make a mistake of contacting multiple sponsors by sending a bulk email. When you do this, there can only be 2 results: One, your email goes straight into the SPAM folder or It will be totally ignored. Some people even make a mistake of not blocking other emails. This means your sponsor will receive your proposal along with the list of 30 other emails you sent it to. This is a big NO. Send individual emails and you can even go ahead to be personal. Instead of “Hello“, personalise the email and write “Hello Elizbeth“.
  • Follow-up: Don’t expect your first proposal to be replied to immediately. So, you want to make sure to follow-up atleast twice before moving on to the next potential sponsor. There is no need to be discouraged because the truth is, many business owners are busy and rarely check their emails regularly [Especially in Nigeria]. Only at this point of follow-up, I would say you can go ahead to send the brand a short message on social media such as: “Hello, hope you are great? We sent you an email a few days ago concerning a partnership/sponsorship to kindly inform the person in charge“. You want to make sure to mention the email you sent it to in case it’s the wrong email or they would prefer another email. Also, you can ask who to refer the email to. Never send your full proposal via DM.

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  1. Thank you for this bloggerpoint more like you were reading my mind and knew what I needed to hear,and a very big yes to the proposal template it would be really useful at this moment,love this post so much..


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