Lifestyle: My 2018 5-Division Vision Board (Personal, Love-Life, Family, Blogging, Travel,…..)

My 2018 5-Division Vision Board

Hello guys,

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you’ve been having a great week so far? Well, It’s my first week back to Uni and I already have a submission due tomorrow :(. So, yeah. You can guess how my week went. Today’s post was inspired by 2 people I truly love for creative and life inspiration. The first person is Sisi Yemmie. She inspired me to finally create time to make a mood-board and bring all my goals and aspiration this year into a visual content. The other person is Timothy Ferries who once talked about how to simplify your goals to avoid being overwhelmed and create a structure.

Like everyone, I have lots of things on my list I want to achieve and work toward this year. Just like every plan and goal, the only thing that can actually bring your visions to life after prayer of-course is ACTION. This is one word very important to me and resonates in anything I plan to do. I want to look at these vision boards every-day and constantly ask myself one question: Are you taking actions to drive you towards these goals?

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So, Timothy talked about summarising and simplifying your goals for structure. He recommended compiling your goals into  3 to 5 major divisions/categories which is why I called this 5 division goals. So, what are my 5 division goals?

For me this year, I am looking to build a stronger relationship with my family (Family means a lot to me), Invest in my blogging, Save towards my business set-up, travel [I am going somewhere soon, watch out – Hint = Island – Guess where in the comment section below] and learning to increase my knowledge (Education, skills, general knowledge…). So, I created 5 different vision boards that define these divisions/categories. I am a visual learner, so having images to constantly remind me of what I am working to achieve is definitely a great idea. Scroll down to see the making of my 5-Division vision boards. Hope this will inspire you to dream big and stay focused this year as you create your own vision board.

vision board
First step: Gathered all my old magazines
Second step: Cut out everything that Inspires me (Remember the 5 you want to work on this year)
vision board inspiration
Third step: Now arrange cut-outs into their divisional/dedicated frame
VOILA…. My vision board (s) hanging on my wall..

*Personal life update: Back in Uni/ Still on my holiday job/Officially in a relationship, it’s been a few months already!(Although we’ve been friends for 4 years now (More like I’ve been friend-zoning him for 4 years). Not a big shower of relationship life but I like a tease) 😉

Thank you for reading & Hope you have a lovely day.

What do you think about the post? Let me know in the comment down below!

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3 thoughts on “Lifestyle: My 2018 5-Division Vision Board (Personal, Love-Life, Family, Blogging, Travel,…..)

  1. Nice one. Still trying to get a hang on this vision board of a thing.
    And congrats with the new boo. You’ve been disqualified from the singles club of 2018 valentine. signed by founder lol.


    1. HAHAHAHAHAH….You are so funny….I still love the girls in the club though. I had to leave to create space for another girlboss


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