In a world where content has become the juice for niche audience, creatives are faced with the challenge of meeting and even over achieving this need to stand out and maintain their place in the blogging industry. Here are a few tips to creating the best content for your audience.

creating the best content


THE CRUX OF THE MATTER IS TO HAVE A PERSPECTIVE: Once your point of view on a matter is established, it shapes the way you come at the topic under discussion. Make it a point to always have a perspective that Challenges, Informs or Entertains.

A: Challenge: The benefit of this perspective on a topic is that it shows your brand as one with a personality. It also gives your audience a fresh look into the topic being discussed, therefore provoking thoughts and conversations. Lastly, it surprises your audience, causing them to look forward to contents from you.

B: Inform: Contents that inform shows brand authority and expertise, especially if it simplifies something complex.  The best way to stand out is to share useful tips and reveal insight on evergreen trends and issues.

C: Entertain: Entertaining contents shows a brand as friendly and inspirational. It is usually the best way to tell a brand story and causes audience to smile. Friendly brands are very attractive to audience because it causes them to smile or laugh.

  1. Keep your content visually attractive. Research colours and images and learn how they affect your audience mood so as to keep them interested. Make use of your creative direction and graphic design skills and avoid irrelevant, low resolution images. These are a plus to your content.
  2. Make your content relevant to your brand. This is probably the main body of your work. Your audience have a reason they come to you, knowing they have an area of interest that you are an authority on.  One of the major benefits is brand recall from your audience.
  3. Make your content shareable for your audience. Make it possible to be readable on all platforms, be it mobile or desktop.
  4. Have measuring metrics to know if your content is doing well. The three best metrics are Likeable, Shareable and Engaging.

Using these tips constantly on your contents and whilst providing contents consistently, your are sure to increase your audience, your expertise and your exposure.

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  1. Great post in such a short and very precise way.

    Yesterday, I was listening to a Blogging podcast and what I heard just corroborates this point on “challenge”. Some topics have been covered so well by authors from different blogs and so writing about them again might become boring especially if the reader has read wide on it. A way to bring something fresher is to “challenge” their thinking, it is to bring something new and more exciting view to the table. Provoking thoughts and conversations like Juneebube has said can position your blog as worthwhile.

    Thank you for sharing this piece, short and powerful.


  2. I have a blog I just started, I guess I need to stick my head hereโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ Nice posts


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