Quick Life Update – Starting a business, Trip to Nigeria, Meeting the parents, Back to blogging…​.

“Wearing Arewa scarf: www.shoparewa.com

Hey guys, It’s been a little while I posted on here. Sincerely, your sister has been struggling with balance and prioritizing which comes with losing interest in things you used to love to do because you feel that everything is literally everywhere.

Starting a business:

If you follow me on Instagram, where I have been able to stay active, you know lots of little-big events has been happening which I am just starting to balance slowly. I started my business in April. Yes, a premium scarf business: AREWA SCARVES which has been strongly supported by both online and offline.

I am so grateful to you guys and most especially for the support, we are all providing to the young girls at GHIEF with the business [£1 from every sale goes towards supporting a child education at GHIEF Foundation].

starting a business
Tips to starting a business in the UK

Apart from starting a business, I also travelled to Nigeria, where I had a launch party of the scarves. It was such a big success and I have everyone who attended and purchased to thank for that.

AD: Read about my trip to Ghana here

Finally, while I was in Nigeria for the launch event, of course, I was mainly there to spend some quality time with “Le Boo”. Guys, a long-distance relationship is tough and mostly expensive especially if you are like Mr A and me who plan to see every 3 months [I think I need a whole separate post to share our long distance experience and how we manage it]. This time he met my parents “officially” for the first time. I know it might not be a big deal but this was big and very important to me because I have NEVER introduced anyone to meet my parents officially before. I remember trying hard to avoid the visit and giving a million excuse on how far and bad the road to our house is: Girl, I was NERVOUS AF even though I couldn’t wait for both parties to meet.

At the end of the day, everything went well and I would say, I think they love him already. That’s being said, please bear with me as I slowly get back my full blogging groove back. I intend to post weekly [Haven’t decided a day yet – please suggest which day you would love me to post weekly].

Also, as a small business owner, I will be needing you guys for advice and most importantly, sharing what I am learning on this business journey and as usual sharing everything about blogging: Few people asked me how I am growing my Instagram [We hit 20K guys – yayyyy] even while I took a break from blogging and posting consistently? Let me know if you want the post here below.

Thank you everyone for your patience and see you next week!

14 thoughts on “Quick Life Update – Starting a business, Trip to Nigeria, Meeting the parents, Back to blogging…​.

  1. These pictures are really lovely! Would definitely love a post on long distance relationships. How you grew your page too despite taking a break from blogging and posting. Glad the family love Mr A, it really is important for the first meeting.
    Wish you luck in blogging, your career and an entrepreneur xoxoxoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anwwww Thanks for the compliment on the pictures. Sure, I can’t wait to share our experience in long distance. It will be an interesting post. Also, penning it down on growing despite a break. Thank you for stopping by…


  2. I can so relate to this; everything was just all over the place; business, relationship, my nysc, relocating and settling. Wheeew! Glad I survived and I’m balanced enough to get back to blogging.
    Congratulations on le boo seeing your parents, that is a very big deal and nice pictures dear


    1. Girlllllll, You get me. It’s funny how during this period, you think you are alone but many are going through the same as yourself. Glad you did it, girl….May God help us all. And, Thank you. Mr A is saying Thank you too…


  3. Reading a post from you is always interesting. I can’t wait for the post on Long distance relationships. Congratulations on “le boo” meeting your parents. It’s a big deal . I wish you more success in your endeavors


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