Personal Branding: 5 Books Currently Helping Me Build My Personal Brand

So, Yesterday I published a post on my Instagram @itsmaryamsalam about consistency: Why you struggle with posting consistently and how to fix that but one great thing I want to share is what are the resources that contribute to helping me get ideas on what to post: Reading.

Reading articles, books and content regularly is a great way for me to continuously get ideas on what to post. So, today, I will be sharing with you 5 books that have helped me shaped my Personal brand, business, and lifestyle.

1) Social Enterprise/Business: Start something that matters – This book gave me so much understand and clarity about my business: AREWA LABEL (Support my scarf business). It is very key to continuously invest in things you are passionate about which for me is also my business. If you are looking to start a business that isn’t just for profit but for impact, I will surely recommend you read this book.

2) Money-Mindset: The smart money woman – is by a Nigerian author and I love everything in this book. If you need that big smart/money-savy sister but in a form of book. Then, you should grab yourself a copy.

3) Time management: The rules of management – As an entrepreneur balancing my business and 9-5, learning how to manage my time better is a must for me. This book gives practical tips on how to manage your time better.

4) Spiritual: Daily Wisdom – If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you are familiar with my daily post from this book on my story. Personally, I believe it is very important to have a daily spiritual reminder in your routine. It can be your bible, Quran, or daily devotional. A great alternative for my Christian family members is “The purpose-driven life”.

5) Lifestyle: 59 Seconds – This book will challenge your thinking and how you see everything but in a good way. It was such a great read. I still go back to it.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Catch up with you in my next post.

Maryam Salam | @itsmaryamsalam

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